The Age of ReEngangement

Gerade aus London zurück bedanken wir uns für einen inspirierenden Tag auf dem Trendbriefing des Future Laboratory mit wichtigen Insights in die Welt in 5 und 20 Jahren. Diesmal ging es um folgende Themen (Beschreibung des FL):


Civic Brands

With the decline of the public sector, businesses increasingly need to communicate a real sense of purpose and create actual social change. The report examines how brands are shifting from employers to educators, profit-driven to community-driven, hierarchical to decentralised, product-led to service-led and closed to collaborative.

The Focus Filter

Attention has become the scarcest resource of the internet age as technology companies apply the science of persuasion with little concern for the psychological costs. The report explores the potential for brands to apply a Focus Filter to aid concentration, improve mental wellbeing and secure deep audience engagement.


The notion of the core social unit is changing as online relationships and increasingly sophisticated AI systems contribute to our emotional, social and economic wellbeing. The report examines the commercial opportunities and ethical responsibilities for brands in this new world order, where intimacy, trust and privacy are radically transformed.


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